Magic Power of Amethyst

Amethyst is a gemstone of devotion, purity and chastity. It protects the owner from alcoholism and drug addiction, saves memory, drives away evil thoughts and sends happy dreams. Amethyst brings happiness for selfless and dedicated people and protects them from their evil fate, evil eye, magic, and many diseases.


Aquamarine Magic

The magical properties of Aquamarine



In ancient times, Aquamarine was considered as one of the most powerful magic stone that can expose any astral deception. It was used in the manufacture of amulets, revealing the inner sight, the cooling of passion and calming storms and hurricanes.  This gemstone helps the owner to understand the mysterious meaning of the ordinary events, gives the owner an emotional understanding of the surrounding world, teaches man to direct the energy of the most primitive desires for the good of mankind.  (more…)