Prices for Diamonds 2010

Prices for diamonds will rise in 2010

According to the predictions of the portal “Commodity Online” , prices for diamonds is expected to rise in 2010. Their value increased by 14% compared with its usual rate. “Commodity Online” says that the reason for the increase in demand for diamonds is the flow of investments in the diamond market. The economic crisis of 2009 did not affect the value of diamonds, the prices were stable. Although, according to “Commodity Online” in the end of 2008 and begining of 2009, it was noted a fall in prices for diamonds for more than 25%.

Historical Diamond Prices


A rose is forever

For one Philly jeweler, a rose is forever

Diamonds are the girl’s best  friends. This year you, boys, men, have an exclusive opportunity to give your ladies the gift that will express your true feelings of love…

Gold Rose by Steven Singer

These bouquet of gold flowers will show your feelings forever

Steven Singer, the owner of  Steven Singer Jewelers who is known for his irreverent marketing campaigns targeting men, will be selling real long-stem roses dipped in 24-karat gold for $59.95.  Platinum-dipped roses are sold for $89.95. (more…)