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18 Carat Jewelry Collection from Frey Wille

As a rule, expensive jewelry look like the same type: gold or platinum ring with diamonds, or a gold pendant with a massive diamond. It’s boring.

I offer you to look at this precious jewelry collection from Frey Wille. It also has 18 carat diamonds, but it looks quite different, at least, more original.

Frey Wille Jewelry collection

18 Carat Frey Wille Jewelry collection


Fashion Jewelry 2010

Exclusive Fashion Gold Jewelry 2010

Young Russian brand Open! J’art created the unusual gold jewelry collection «As-Usuals» for fans of the original glamor and non-standard gold jewelry.

Judge for yourself how original and unique the gold collection is:

Gold Earrings

Earrings – clothespins. Few men met such originality. In addition you will hint about your thrift. (more…)

Agate Amethyst Earrings

Agate and Amethyst Yves Saint Laurent Earrings

Agate Earrings

Amethyst Earrings

There is nothing more beautiful than creations of nature. A person can only pick up a decent frame, which does not distract from the natural beauty. A vivid example – agate and amethyst Yves Saint Laurent earrings with gold and silver fastenings. Each pare of agate and amethyst earrings is unique, because there are no identical stones in the world . This decoration will emphasize your individuality. (more…)

Novelty from Swarovski

Swarovski x Visvim Studded Shoes

The most famous Austrian crystal makers Swarovski, known first of all for its luxurious jewelry collections, now is working on the new  ‘Crystallized’ collection, which will consist of collaborations with more than 12  Tokyo labels such as: 3.1 phillip lim, Bedwin & The Heartbreakers, Casely-Haford, CICATA, Inpaichthys kerri, John Lawrence Sullivan, Kitsune, Sabatino, SOE etc.

Visvim-Swarovski crystallized meets

Swarovski collaborations

10 more Swarovski MPlayer from Irivier

The Mplayer Swarovski is the same Mplayer which has 1 GB, up to 9 hours of play time.  Available in limit of 500 they’re now available in Japan. The cost is  for about $137-$150 (the standard versions are sold for $50).

Iriver MPlayer for little girls

Swarovski MPlayer from Irivier for little girls

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