Aquamarine Magic

The magical properties of Aquamarine



In ancient times, Aquamarine was considered as one of the most powerful magic stone that can expose any astral deception. It was used in the manufacture of amulets, revealing the inner sight, the cooling of passion and calming storms and hurricanes.  This gemstone helps the owner to understand the mysterious meaning of the ordinary events, gives the owner an emotional understanding of the surrounding world, teaches man to direct the energy of the most primitive desires for the good of mankind. Aquamarine corrects the thoughts and actions of the owner – repress anything that might violate the laws of morality and virtue. This gemstone can be called a judge and a teacher of man, because it  is very wise and just.

Big Aquamarine Amulet

Big Amulet with Aquamarine

Aquamarine changes its color depending on the weather and mood of its owner.  Perhaps that is why in ancient times it was used as a barometer: if a gemstone becomes cloudy and green, it means you need to expect a storm, as if it suddenly changed the color in clear weather, it means that its owner is in a bad mood.

Aquamarine is for people born under the signs of Pisces and Cancer. For Sagittarius this gemstone will bring some troubles and it is absolutely contraindicated for  Gemini. Other marks should be remembered that the aquamarine doesn’t suit  extremely active people. It is contraindicated to wear this gemstone for  people,  which prone to lies and fraud – this gemstone does not tolerate dishonesty.

Talismans and amulets

Aquamarine Amulet

Wearing a gemstone in a pendant helps to cure diseases of the thyroid gland.

As a amulet Aquamarine is recommended to the sailors, travelers and people engaged in scientific work. You can easily give up smoking, alcohol,  forget obsessive fears if you will wear Aquamarine amulet.

Aquamarine enhances immunity, bowels, stabilizes the nervous system. Wearing a gemstone in a pendant helps to cure diseases of the thyroid gland. Rings with Aquamarine cure skin diseases. Earrings relieve headaches, relieve insomnia and unreasonable fears.

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  5. I do love Aquamarine when working with it, it feels so pure and unadulterated. I like how you mention that it does not tolerate dishonesty, some stones really do have their own personalities.

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