Fake gold or real

Fake gold or real? How to check your gold.

Jewellers Loupe

Jewellers Loupe

Here are some tricks that can help you to determine the true gold. Unfortunately, gold stamp is not 100% protection against forgery. There are many ways to test this gold, ranging from mass spectrography (you need the university in your pocket), processing (required furnace), various electronic testers (too expensivel).

Things that should make you suspicious … (more…)

Fashion Jewelry 2010

Exclusive Fashion Gold Jewelry 2010

Young Russian brand Open! J’art created the unusual gold jewelry collection «As-Usuals» for fans of the original glamor and non-standard gold jewelry.

Judge for yourself how original and unique the gold collection is:

Gold Earrings

Earrings – clothespins. Few men met such originality. In addition you will hint about your thrift. (more…)