Magic Power of Amethyst

Amethyst is a gemstone of devotion, purity and chastity. It protects the owner from alcoholism and drug addiction, saves memory, drives away evil thoughts and sends happy dreams. Amethyst brings happiness for selfless and dedicated people and protects them from their evil fate, evil eye, magic, and many diseases.


the god of wine Dionysus

According to ancient Greek myth, the nymph Ametis, fleeing from the violence of the god of wine Dionysus was transformed by the patron Artemis into a gemstone. the gemstone was called amethyst (from the Greek “ametistoz” – literally: not drunk). Amethyst color is the color of diluted wine, from which it is impossible to get drunk, maybe that’s why amethyst is also called “gemstone of Bacchus.”

Amethyst is the amulet from the drunkenness and intoxication. In order not to get drunk it’s enough to keep the gemstone under the tongue.

Anyone who is wearing a ring with Amethyst on his finger or drink wine from the Amethyst bowl or bowl which is decorated with Amethyst may not be careful, that wine blur his mind or overly unleash language. To increase the magical properties of amethyst cups it was engraved the image of Bacchus and his attributes on them. If the gemstone carved a sign of the Moon and the Sun – it protects from poisoning.

Amethyst is a gemstone of a new love, it replaces old love indifference and opens the heart for a new love, so sometimes it is called “gemstone of old bachelors”: it may cause the love of the giver, even if the person was previously in love with another. Because of these properties of the gemstone custom forbids giving jewelry from amethyst to young girls and other men’s wives.

Natural Amethyst

Ring with Natural Amethyst

In addition, according to some beliefs, Amethyst is a widow’s  Stone. It is worn by women who have lost husbands and do not want to think about the new marriage.

In India, Amethyst is a gemstone of peaceone of the most powerful magical gemstones. It calms the mind, promotes inner calm and initiates the disclosure of the “third eye”.

It is believed that Amethyst helps to draw the souls of the faithful to God, so it can be often seen in Christian churches: Amethyst is used to decorate the church hierarchs’ vestments and ecclesiastical objects, made of amethyst beads which are used in times of war and natural disasters.

Amethyst brings happiness only to disinterested and selfless man, and only highly spiritual and highly moral people are worthy to wear Amethyst. Amethyst, owned by them, remain the force of their spirit even after their death.

Putting an Amethyst under your pillow eliminates the temptation of the devil atSleeping girl night and sends good dreams. The gemstone has the ability to inspire visions and dreams waft, so jewelry with amethyst you should not wear, going to work.

Giving hope, Amethyst has a beneficial effect on the weak and fragile psyche, and encouraging compassion, does not let a vice to develop.

The gemstone is not recommended to wear constantly, but from time to time, because at constant wearing its wonderful power weakens.

Water with an Amethyst thrown at it from helps with colds, liver and kidney, strengthens the brain and stomach, and water, which the amethyst was simply laying is good for the restoration of cerebral circulation.

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  1. I was using my james allen Amethyst and Diamond Sunburst 18k White Gold Pendant purely for aesthetic reasons. I didn’t know it has a noble use. I have found a new appreciation for amethysts then…

  2. “Putting an Amethyst under your pillow eliminates the temptation of the devil at night and sends good dreams”. is it true???

  3. Amethyst is a truly amazing stone, I use my Amethyst pendant as a pendulum for divination and it works with eerie accuracy.
    And yes, It can bring good or vivid dreams when placed under/by your pillow at night.

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