Fake gold or real

Fake gold or real? How to check your gold.

Jewellers Loupe

Jewellers Loupe

Here are some tricks that can help you to determine the true gold. Unfortunately, gold stamp is not 100% protection against forgery. There are many ways to test this gold, ranging from mass spectrography (you need the university in your pocket), processing (required furnace), various electronic testers (too expensivel).

Things that should make you suspicious …

  • Look at the color. Plating wears and the metal beneath may show. View space between the links and close to the fastener, where the piece rubs the most.
    Anything lacking known hallmarks should be questioned. There are several reasons why the well-known brand may be lacking. Parts can be repaired. The ring may have been resized. A piece may be worn enough to rub away the hallmark. If in doubt, get the unconditional guarantee, and then test.
  • Experience in the colour of particular carat gold is important. 22K or 24K has a bright yellow color. 18K is very yellow. 14K yellow and less than 9K even less yellow. Not always a perfect indication as sometimes a lower carat gold is plated with a higher carat gold to make it look better. That’s not illegal.
  • Look at the links. Nearly all gold jewellery has every link soldered closed. Gold is a precious metal and no self-respecting jeweller would leave links open so you could lose the piece easily. If any link is unsoldered be suspicious.
  • Most fake gold chains and bracelets are heavy. Light counterfeit is a rarity. No point in breaking the law for peanuts.
  • With the rings, is another question, and you should be especially careful and of course if the piece discolours your skin then you know it’s not gold. To late, then, I’m afraid.

Many other tests are known only through experience. Some are little strange, but they are sufficient to arouse suspicion.

  • Gold is very heavy metal and over the years you learn the “feel” or “heft” of it.


    Gold medal. I'm sure you've all seen it on TV

  • Gold is soft metal. With high karat gold (22K, 24K) you can leave a mark with your teeth. I’m sure you’ve all seen it on TV. It works but don’t try it on 18K or less if you value your teeth.
  • Many people think that the magnet is a good test. I am still faced with gilded ornaments of metal, so I do not think that this test has a special meaning.
  • It is an interesting test of smell. When people say that they can smell gold, they could be right. If your hands are sweaty, rub gold jewelry vigorously on your hand. If it is made of nickel you may feel a strong smell of acidic metal. This is an electrolytic reaction of your salty sweat on the metal.
  • In the old days people were able to recognize the “ring” or “tone” of a gold band which was tied to a hair and tapped.

None of the last few can be relied upon and are mentioned out of interest.

If you want a professional advice go to the jeweler.

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  1. Thanks for these tips! I will surely take not of these before buying gold jewelry next time. I really like your site. Keep it up! đŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Would you like to know smth else? Let me know!

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