Fashion Jewelry 2010

Exclusive Fashion Gold Jewelry 2010

Young Russian brand Open! J’art created the unusual gold jewelry collection «As-Usuals» for fans of the original glamor and non-standard gold jewelry.

Judge for yourself how original and unique the gold collection is:

Gold Earrings

Earrings – clothespins. Few men met such originality. In addition you will hint about your thrift.

Gold Collection

Gold ring, Piercing and Earrings which are made in the shape of a nail.

Gold Ring

Ring – calendar. If you will not forget to set the date, it will be not only very original gold jewelry but a very useful thing.

Engagement Ring

Gold engagement rings.

Gold Rings

Gold ring for two fingers.

Ring and Bracelet

Gold ring and bracelet – from the purse.

Open! J’art is a “fresh” jewelry brand, which was founded of two companies: J’ART and OPEN! Design & Concepts. This team of like-minded people united in a common irresistible desire to decorate the world. The brand has its own jewelry manufacturing in Thailand, which allows not only to invent, but to make high quality things.

For the gold ornaments from the «As-Usuals» designers drew inspiration from ordinary household items: pins, screws, rings of curtains, locks of old purses, nails, etc.

And would you like to wear such original jewelry?

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