Children Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes for Children -Tips and Advice

Girls Playing Dress Up

Playing Girls

Certainly for most women, the first casket for jewelry was cheap cardboard box, wrapped in a pink glossy paper. When you open the box played merry tunes while a beautiful ballerina dancing. Unfortunately, these boxes are quickly worn. Within a few months, the springs began to bend and paper peeled off.

Rather than give your child a box, which will rapidly come into disrepair, spend a little more time to donate a casket, which will become a cherished possession for many years.

When buying jewelry for little girls, pay attention to several key elements.

Step 1. External materials: Jewelry box, usually made of wood, leather or high-quality plastic. The cover should be easily opened and remain open, and closed soft pressure.

Step 2. Inner material: Inside should be soft velvet or suede cloth, cotton or polyester, to protect jewelry from scratches. Paper can quickly begin to flake off and small items can get lost in it. The ballerina must be made from good plastic.

Step 3. Music: Melody should sound lively and clear. If a song is playing out of tune or playing too slowly or too quickly, then the battery may be defective. If you plan to keep it over the years, the jewelry box must allow access into the battery compartment.

Step 4. Size: Typical children are boxes of 3 x 5 x 4 inches, with most of this space is consumed by the musical mechanism. A large box with drawers or doors will be more useful for your child.

Jewelry Box for Children

Jewelry Box for Children

Where to buy children’s music box?

You can buy a children’s music box in:

  • any toy store
  • store that sells souvenirs
  • jewelry store.

I want to advise you to buy a children’s music box in the online shop in the Internet, as it is very convenient, fast and cheap. In the online stores are always a great range.

In order to quickly and easily buy a child’s music box in the online store I suggest you use the following keywords:  casket for jewelry, children jewellery box, cheap children’s music box, jewelry for little girls, jewelry box, musical ballerina jewelry music box, online store

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  1. beautiful jewlery boxes i will buy them for my sons

  2. I’m glad that You like it!

  3. Suede is the best material I think

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